Fu’a Toula Kadji Defosso Foundation

Our Foundation

Joseph Kadji Defosso created the Fu’a Toula Kadji Defosso Foundation to encourage excellence and promote education.

Activity report 2023.


The Defosso Foundation, a non-profit entity, serves as the operational arm of the Kadji Group for our social and solidarity initiatives. Rooted in decades of history, the Foundation upholds the spirit of our late founder, Joseph Kadji Defosso, who believed in the importance of shared happiness, and we’re dedicated to making a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals and communities throughout Cameroon.

Our Values

Our core values are Creativity, Integrity, and Courage.

Our vision at the Fu'a Toula Kadji Defosso Foundation is based on four pillars:

Investing in people, our staff and communities.

Preserving natural resources for future generations.

Promoting a solidarity economy.

Redistributing profits to social and humanitarian causes.

Our Foundation's impact is evident in key areas:

Promoting Academic excellence through the QBTS (Quality Back To School) program

Recognising and rewarding exceptional students, teachers and schools while also supporting disadvantaged schools to ensure quality education for all.

Empowering women with the International Women's Day Professional Scholarship program

This program offers free training grants to a hundred women nationwide, equipping them with professional integration and entrepreneurship skills.

Water initiatives

Building modern boreholes in cities like Douala, Edéa, Mbanga, Mbouda, and Garoua to improve water access and ease the burden on communities.

Additional Initiatives

Some of our initiatives include donating essential medical equipment to fight against Covid-19 and supporting internally displaced persons and victims of crises through food donations totalling 70,000,000 CFA francs.