We embody our vision and values, fostering a better future for all Cameroonians.


Born in 1923, Joseph Kadji Defosso, pioneer Cameroonian industrialist and founder of the Kadji Group. Kadji Defosso left his hometown Bana for Douala, where he started working for local Greek merchants, learning and gaining experience as a trader, before going out on his own, selling food products, equipment and office supplies, and slowly building up the business.


Ably led by Joseph Kadji’s daughter, Nicole Kadji Defosso, the next generation of the Kadji family is heavily involved in running the various businesses and developing an eco-system that benefits all the entities. The vision for the future is for the family to step away from the day-to-day operational commitments.

"Nothing is acquired in a day. Avoid the pitfalls of convenience. Have vision. Dare to take your destiny into your own hands."

Kadji Defosso